Welcome people with restricted mobility

Getting in and out of the wheelchair all the time is no fun – that’s why it’s a practical idea to have the ceremony and reception in the same location. Warning: Outdoor spaces are charming, but difficult. An undesirable combination of grass, rain and gravel can be neutralized by mats or boards. Ask the organizer if they can provide these to create a stable surface.

2-Welcoming autistic and disabled children in a wedding ceremony

Learn about the needs of children with autism and disabilities – understanding their unique challenges and how to best meet them

Prepare the ceremony location with sensory-friendly items, such as earplugs, noise-canceling headphones, toys that move, comfortable chairs, etc.

Create a special space for autistic and disabled children, discreet and comfortable

Explain to guests why you chose to include children with autism and disabilities in your wedding ceremony

Invite family members or friends who can help support a child with autism or a disability during the ceremony

Go the extra mile to ensure all guests feel welcome and included in your wedding ceremony

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