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Rev. Michel Boulanger, founding president appoints the wedding officiants .They have been selected for their verbal ability to lead worship services. They have shown altruism, loyalty, integrity and compassion within the community

Our team of professionals and skilled celebrants creates wedding ceremonies customized and adapted to all beliefs and traditions and celebrates with joy at the location of your choice since the early 2000s with love and respect.

Your choice of celebrant is a very personal thing, beyond the fact that you want him to be organized and able to support you in your approach, you expect to complicity and that's what we offer.



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  • Meaningful Wedding

    Cérémonie du sable inspiré d’Hawaii

    What a great vocation to create a holy temple anywhere love is présent, to consecrate and seal this love! By the ceremony we give to the couple the power to seize the opportunity to unite not just their hearts, their lives and their families, but to unite their very beings.

    In the words of Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway All wedding ceremonies have a rhythm, and a life, of their own. The energy comes alive as the bride makes her walk to the altar and builds like a symphony with each segment. By the time vows are exchange, it is as if the heavens open to rain love upon the gathering. Couples can seize the opportunity to unite not just their hearts, lives and families, but to unite their very beings.

    By the time vows are exchanged, it is as if the heavens open to rain love upon the gathering. Couples can seize the opportunity to unite not just their hearts, lives and families, but to unite their very beings.

    There are several features that cross cultural and religious boundaries that are widely integrated into modern mariages.

  • Sacred Wedding

    Our officiants will create with you an unforgettable ceremony at the Oka Abbey.

    It marks the beginning of your life together or it crowns years of happiness, your wedding is unique, like you.

    Imagine ... a ceremony in the chapel of the Trappist Monks, grandiose in its simplicity.

    Imagine ... a fabulous gourmet banquet under the ceiling of the large dining hall.

    Mariage à l'Abbaye d'Oka
  • Elopment

    Elopements give a couple the opportunity to focus their full attention, free from distraction, and to be entirely in the moment with one another for an intimate wedding out of time with only 2 witnesses

    Literally a romantic fugue, madly romantic. Eyes in the eyes, in a nice setting, far from family pressures, stress. On the mountain, in a park, in a beautiful felted hotel... Elopement is the creation of a strong memory in one's life as a couple. But it is above all, a parenthesis out of time, madly romantic that belongs only to the couple. We are the experts of intimate weddings

    Mariage à l'Abbaye d'Oka
  • LGBT Wedding

    Gay weddings, lesbian weddings or same sex alternative lifestyle commitment ceremonies and unions in the local Montreal area are something we support no matter what you call them. Gay, lesbian, transgender or transsexual shouldn’t exclude you from marrying the person of your dreams.

    Cérémonie du sable inspiré d’Hawaii
  • Winter Wedding

    Mariage à l'Abbaye d'Oka

    If you think there's no setting more romantic than a blanket of snow, then consider planning a winter wedding!

    Imagine a rustic wooden barn venue, in the laurentian mountains.

    Or a famous golf country club set in an untouched winter wonderland, winter offers a magical and original setting to your event.

    Very original, most romantic, and often more economical...


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  • Hospital Wedding

    We can perform wedding ceremonies at the bedside of an inpatient if they have informed consent. Bedside weddings typically join a couple who have been with each other for a significant period of time and had vague plans to get married but sudden health issues require an immediate marriage ceremony. It is often a very bittersweet experience. Bedside hospital weddings occur in various situations. A bride or groom may be about to have surgery with uncertain results and they want to get married beforehand in case the surgery is unsuccessful. A couple’s health situation may simply require united insurance coverage that can only be achieved through marriage.

    Bedside Wedding

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