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    Rev. Michel Boulanger, founding president appoints the wedding officiants .They have been selected for their verbal ability to lead worship services. They have shown altruism, loyalty, integrity and compassion within the community

    Our team of professionals and skilled celebrants creates wedding ceremonies customized and adapted to all beliefs and traditions and celebrates with joy at the location of your choice since the early 2000s with love and respect.

    Your choice of celebrant is a very personal thing, beyond the fact that you want him to be organized and able to support you in your approach, you expect to complicity and that's what we offer.

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    Célébrant - révérand Michel Boulanger


    We Celebrate The Ultimate Wedding Experience!

    • Weddings

      Cérémonie du sable inspiré d’Hawaii

      What a great vocation to create a holy temple anywhere love is présent, to consecrate and seal this love! By the ceremony we give to the couple the power to seize the opportunity to unite not just their hearts, their lives and their families, but to unite their very beings.

      In the words of Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway All wedding ceremonies have a rhythm, and a life, of their own. The energy comes alive as the bride makes her walk to the altar and builds like a symphony with each segment. By the time vows are exchange, it is as if the heavens open to rain love upon the gathering. Couples can seize the opportunity to unite not just their hearts, lives and families, but to unite their very beings.

      By the time vows are exchanged, it is as if the heavens open to rain love upon the gathering. Couples can seize the opportunity to unite not just their hearts, lives and families, but to unite their very beings.

      There are several features that cross cultural and religious boundaries that are widely integrated into modern mariages.

      Here, Are Our Most Requested Ceremonies...
    • Baptism

      Baby blessing, baptism at home

      Our celebrants had the privilege to perform blessing ceremonies for hundreds of babies for families who are interfaith, intercultural, same faith, or humanist.

      They are hancrafting each service with love, artistry and attention to détails; this is the hallmark of our approach.

      We recognize the precious gift a child and what we give thanks. We recognize the unique soul that he is and welcome him.

      Each child born is a proof that God has not given up hope in human beings.

      We celebrate a moving ceremony that reflects the magical power that a child is.

      Baptism symbolically represents the awakening of man to his inner powers and the discovery that wisdom, intelligence and infinite love him are already available.

      On your balcony, in your yard, in the wild or in a restaurant, you choose the place.


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